Internship Emergency Essentials

siruwen.internshipemergencykitInternships can be the most rewarding experience in your college career. But sometimes, preparing for them is almost like you’re going into a battlefield. With deadlines, non-stop ringing phones, a mile-long list of tasks and a not-so-nice supervisor, you might want to flip a table sometimes. Preparation is key – here are five things to make your internship a little less stressful. For your pearly whites Teeth may not make or break your overall performance on the job but it is important to have some fresh breath when you go talk to your supervisor. The key is to have different kinds of mints to keep the halitosis at bay. Pop a mint if you have a few minutes before but make sure you’re not still chomping on it and trying to hide it under your tongue while you’re talking. A breath spray or dissolvable strips are quick ways to have fresh breath without being too obvious. Remember to pack floss just in case you get a piece of spinach from your Cosi salad stuck in your teeth. An oasis of joy There will stressful moments during your internship. Have a photo, a joke book or something else that instantly fills you with joy and relieves stress so you can concentrate on the task at hand without freaking out. Little sachets of herbs or other fragrant items can help you smell your way out of the office and into your own private sanctuary. Extra bonus? Your bag will smell delicious. Keep it under wraps Double-sided tape. At some point, you may have a little too much cleavage or a slit that is a little too Jessica Rabbit. Avoid a nip slip or crotch shot by taping those bad boys down. It’s unfair but true that a nip slip can make a more lasting impression than the awesome job you do. Four words: Heidi Klum nip slip. Not just for babies Baby wipes or another kind of cleansing wipe are essential. Sometimes you may smell a little funky but that cucumber-melon spray is just making you smell like a skunk in a fruit salad. Baby wipes can help swipe away some of the sweat and make you feel refreshed.  If you’re going out after you’re off the clock, these are a good idea to help you freshen up before hitting the bars. Put a smile on your face You may be around other interns, depending on your job. It is so easy to get involved in petty office drama (Real World comes to the real world) and let that affect what you do. Fly above the drama with an upbeat playlist if you’re allowed to listen to music while you work or on your downtime to keep you going. Be nice and friendly to your fellow interns but use those noise-canceling headphones for their true purpose. These may not solve every problem you have on the job, but they could be the difference between you being serene in the midst of chaos and going out of your mind by the time the clock hits five. Photo by Siru Wen

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