Under The Sea Fashion Show | THON 2017

Photo by Danielle James

The yearly THON fashion show was nothing less than adorable. From Hawaiian shirts, colorful leis and gigantic sunglasses, all the THON children models strutted their stuff down the runway.

After first showing a quick video of the fashion show from Hershey’s THON, the announcers quickly dove into the show.

Starting off the fashion show was Ashley, a freshman from Penn State Harrisburg who was dressed to impress in her rainbow tutu, striped socks and blue baseball cap.

The “awes” were in full force when little Carly walked out on stage, decked out in her Finding Nemo inspired outfit. Her tutu was blue and gold and had a Nemo stuffed animal attached at the front. She completed her look with a pair of  knee length dinosaur socks. Carly wanted the audience to know that  she loved chicken Caesar salad and anything under the sea.

Valley was blown away when Eli ran out on stage in his bright orange Nike shirt and matching sneakers. While he did not have a tutu or anything super snazzy, the audience can agree that his smile was his best accessory.

The applause was huge when young Katelyn swam out on stage with her bright blue fish hat. Valley did notice a trend in all of the catwalks, as each child had one signature move in common-the dab.

One little boy had the audience in tears of laughter. Landon, dressed in a Chewbacca costume, used his lightsaber to wow the crowd as he took down his two opponents. No worries, nobody was hurt in the making of Landon’s first stage appearance.

Last, but certainly not least, the show closer was the ever-so-popular, pizza loving Dylan who was repping the famous Penn State blue and white on his baseball cap. Giving the audience one last dab, he made his way backstage.

Every single one of the children who participated in the fashion show had the crowd captivated. From their contagious smiles, laughter and confidence, all the THON children and their families were nothing less than spectacular.

Valley thinks everyone can agree that the Under The Sea fashion show made a big splash at the BJ-Sea!