Who Should Make the Next Guest Appearance? | THON 2017

Photo by Janie Cassady

In the first few hours of THON 2017, the already loud and lively crowd became even louder and livelier when they were given a huge surprise.  Joe Jonas, along with his band, DNCE, took the Bryce Jordan Center stage to perform “Cake by the Ocean” and a few other impromptu songs for the crowd and for the kids. With the crowd still buzzing today with the excitement of the performance, Valley asked a few dancers in the crowd today: If there were another surprise celebrity guest to perform here at THON, who do you hope that it will be?

A few of the dancers were quick to come up with their definite THON 2017 dream performances.

Rebecca Febbo, a Penn State senior dancing for Springfield, stuck to upbeat classics when it came to her decision. “Definitely Taylor Swift, I really love her music,” said Febbo. “It’s very uplifting…all the newer stuff though, nothing slow!”

Nicole Hatchard is a junior independent dancer and when asked who her ideal performance would be she had a few solid suggestions. “The Chainsmokers! I know that’s so basic, I’m sorry!” says Hatchard. “Or Tyga…or Selena Gomez.”

One dancer even seemed to already be feeling the effects of dancing long hours, and decided on a more mellow performer. When Valley asked who he would want to take the stage next, Yilun Shen, a junior dancing for the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at PSU, gave his answer through a yawn, “Adele…wait just kidding, I mean… yeah Adele totally Adele, I’m so tired you know?”

Another dancer’s ideal performer wouldn’t even be singing at all. Instead her pick would help ensure that everyone wasn’t only dancing it up but also laughing it up.

Emily Kugler, a senior and independent dancer, decided to keep it funny with her pick, “Ellen DeGeneres, definitely. Something like a comedy routine, something very Ellen!”

And last but not least, one dancer gave Valley the answer that we think everyone would agree with. Penn State senior Hunter Obeid, dancing for Kappa Sigma, answered, “Oh god, I’d absolutely want Beyoncé.”

And we couldn’t have said it any better.