Twitter/Instagram Accounts for the “Fashionably Challenged”

They showcase fall styles during Spring Fashion Week? What’s the difference between a blouse and just a nice shirt? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you might not be the most fashion forward in your friend group, which is completely ok (and definitely doesn’t mean you’re not stylish!). Not everyone is going to become the next Rebecca Minkoff, Anna Wintour or Michael Kors. But, if you want to become the next fashionista of your friend group, Valley has you covered.

Here are some Instagram and Twitter accounts to follow if you are looking to stay updated on the latest fashion trends or if you just want to update your wardrobe.

Fashion Police

Instagram: @fashionpolice
Twitter: @e_FashionPolice

Although E!’s show “Fashion Police” is deteriorating, they still keep their social media accounts up to date with celebrity styles from Shay Mitchell to Lady Gaga. Try to re-create their looks with less expensive, similar pieces. You never know-you might have the necessary pieces already in your closet!


Instagram: @fashionista_com
Twitter: @Fashionista_com

Fashionista’s description on both the Instagram and Twitter accounts is “All the fashion news you need to know… fast.” So, if you’re looking to stay updated with the latest styles and the latest news in the fashion world, give these accounts a follow.

Like to know it

Twitter: @LIKEtkit

“Like to know it” has both an Instagram and Twitter account and does something a little bit different and interesting. You sign up on their website and if you see an outfit or accessory that you might want to buy on their Instagram, you simply “like” the picture and all the details are sent to you via email! Pretty cool, right? You can sign up and try it out or simply follow them for different styling options. Also, a lot of famous bloggers post to “like to know it” like Erica Hoida and Sarah Belle.

Some other options…

Many of your favorite stores probably have Instagram/Twitter accounts that you can follow to see new pieces and accessories that are in their stores. Here’s a list for some popular stores:

Urban Outfitters: @urbanoutfitters (both Instagram and Twitter)

Dwellings: @dwellboutique (just Instagram)

South Moon Under: @southmoonunder (Instagram and Twitter)

Forever 21: @forever21 (Instagram and Twitter)

Brandy Melville: @brandymelvilleusa (Instagram) / @brandymelvilleu (Twitter)

We hope these help you with all your fashion needs and keeping you updated. And hey, if you want to stick to snooping in your friends wardrobe for your outfit, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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