THON Through the Committee Member’s Eyes

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In preparation for THON, over 15,000 students volunteer each year to help make sure the event runs smoothly. With so many committees to join, there’s something for everyone. VALLEY talked to a few THON 2020 committee members about what its like to help bring THON to life.

“On committees, we work all year round,” says sophomore Liv Taylor, a Hospitality committee member. “When this weekend comes it shows us how important a community is when it comes to cancer research and what we do for the kids. I feel like part of going to Penn State is THON. It makes a difference to participate in something that’s bigger than yourself and be there for people who are going through hard times.”

Taylor’s committee members Lindsay Gromlich and Will Verna agree.

“To me, it’s a bunch of different organizations and a bunch of different people coming together in unity fighting for the same cause,” Gromlich says. “We’re all here for the same reasons. No matter how different everyone is, THON brings us all together.”

“THON is all about FTK, for the kids. It’s all about seeing the smiles on their faces, helping out the families and everyone involved coming together for a good cause and a good time,” says Verna. 

So, how do you know which committee is right for you?

“I’ve had experience with both Rules & Regulations and Hospitality,” says Morgan Marince, a senior Communications committee member. “I knew I wanted to be on a committee for my fourth year. I wanted to do something different and incorporate my major, which is advertising, so I figured this would be a good way to end it all together, and help lead me into my future career.”

Helen Cramer, also a Communications committee member, said similar. “I’m a freshman, and I did mini THON in high school,” she says. “Both my parents went to Penn State and I’ve always wanted to be involved. I liked hearing about what Communications did and wanted to be a part of it.”

For senior Nina Rosporski, a Dancer Relations committee member, it was her previous experiences that lead her to her committee choice. “Last year I got the chance to dance. I felt like my experiences as a dancer would really help me be the best Dancer Relations committee member for my dancers,” she says.

Mila Defelicis, an Operations committee member, was interested in seeing THON from a new perspective.

“[Being on Operations] is a great opportunity to see THON in a different light. In an organization you see it from the stands, but OPP you get to see it from the floor and you get to really be hands on helping with the process of THON run,” Defelicis says. 

No matter what committee you are on, you have the opportunity to make amazing connections with other inspiring individuals.

“Everybody who is on a THON committee has one vision in mind, it’s nice to be around people who are like minded,” says Kellie Fink, a Rules & Regulations committee member. Her fellow R&R members, Madeline Lee and Kate Bu, agreed. “Plus, the color red is it!”  

Being a THON committee member can be rewarding and exciting regardless of what color you wear THON weekend. Check out the different committees helping out around the BJC if you stop by this weekend. Follow VALLEY on Instagram and Twitter for more updates!



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