How to Recharge During THON Weekend

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When you’re not dancing away in the BJC this weekend, it’s vital that you make the most out of resting to refuel your body. Help treat your body and mind with the following tips during any breaks you take throughout THON weekend.

Hydration is key

Make sure to keep drinking plenty of water prior to THON and all throughout the weekend. Drinking water delivers nutrients throughout the body and lubricates joints, two things you will definitely need throughout the weekend. It is important that you bring a reusable water bottle to the BJC so you can easily keep refilling it. While you are taking a break and spending time at home, make sure to keep hydrating at a steady pace. It is essential that you do not take this time to over-hydrate or drink caffeine!

Vitamin C, please!

Orange juice or other juices containing Vitamin C are great in addition to water! Orange juice is packed with Vitamin C and will have your immune system staying healthy. Vitamin C helps prevent illnesses from occurring, something you definitely want to avoid during THON weekend. If at any point you feel a runny nose or a sore throat coming on, think twice before heading back to the BJC. There are children and adults with compromised immune systems at THON, and your cold could be very dangerous to them.

Refuel with food

When you’re taking a break from dancing or volunteering, EAT! Eating properly will be your best friend this weekend. Healthy foods will also help boost your immune system and will keep your body feeling the best it can. Bananas, almonds, oranges, yogurt, edamame, dark chocolate and avocado are all great foods to munch on! Be sure to take this time to eat a meal, not just snacks or meal replacement bars/smoothies. Try to incorporate foods like brown rice, eggs, protein-packed salmon or other meat, and greens. It can be hard to maintain a well-fed feeling throughout THON, so make sure to eat well balanced meals while you are resting or taking a break.

Jump in the shower!

After spending long periods of time in the BJC, a shower will sound amazing on your walk back home, and it’s important to stay on top of your hygiene routine throughout the weekend. A hot shower always does the trick to relax your sore muscles and help your body feel at ease, especially after standing on your feet for long durations. If you have time after your shower, try doing a face mask or under-eye mask so that your skin feels hydrated. Take this time to relax by massaging parts of your body or doing some stretches.

Sleep, Sleep, SLEEP

This one is a no brainer. On your walk back to your dorm or apartment, sleep is most likely the first thing on your mind. Be sure to listen to your body as rest as much as you need. During sleep, the body repairs itself and prepares for the next day, which in this case, many only be a few hours later — but take what you can get! Your sleep schedule will be a lot different than usual during these three days, so taking naps and sleeping when you aren’t at the BJC is crucial. You might feel extremely tired once THON ends, so take the next week to tackle your sleep schedule and go to bed at a decent hour to recover.

Keep in touch with your body & mind

Along with recharging physically, you want to recharge mentally. THON can seem quite daunting at times so it’s important to keep a positive outlook throughout the 46 hours. If you are feeling sleepy or mentally fuzzy at any point of being in the stands, try playing games with your friends or splashing your face with water in the bathroom.

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