THON May Seem Different, But Go Go Gadjet is the Same

Photo posted by @gogogadjetband on Instagram

They’ve done it again.

Every year during THON we look forward to Go Go Gadjet’s performance sealing the final hours. As they said in an Instagram post, “When you see our faces, know that you are almost finished.” After making a comeback last year from their brief hiatus after 11 consecutive performances, this marks the band’s 13th performance at THON. At this point, Go Go Gadjet is a tradition for THON and we love them for loving THON.

As always, Go Go Gadjet rocked the stage. Their THON 2021 performance kicked off with “Jump” by Van Halen. They sang covers ranging from the Jackson 5’s “ABC,” smoothly transitioning into Kanye West’s “Gold Digger.” Then, they slowed it down with a slow song rendition before picking it up again with, as lead singer Eric Henkels says, “the goat” of songs, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” 

Photo posted @gogogadjetband on Instagram

At one point during their electric performance, they threw glow sticks all over the stage, completely immersed in jamming out, then sheepishly realized they had to pick them up later — all a part of their charm! Between their jokes, high energy and the best covers; Go Go Gadjet brought THON 2021 in for a close.

They ended their performance with a “power half-hour,” singing a different song every minute; as each song passed, so did the time leading up to reveal. Starting with Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White” and ranging from Eminem, Billy Joel, Carly Rae Jepson and Justin Bieber; time flew with the last 30 minutes of their performance.

Between shouting “FTK!” and their constant energy during THON, Go Go Gadjet always knows what’s up.

Photo posted @gogogadjetband on Instagram

In an Instagram post, the band wrote “While this year was certainly different, we did our best to provide you with a small moment to escape, dance and smile.” THON is year was different, but Go Go Gadjet was the same.

Their ability to hype up dancers and everyone else as the final hours of THON come to close never ceases to disappoint. The energy, the lights and the music, it makes everyone stop and listen — and before we know it, it’s reveal.

“We love you THON!” shouted the band’s singer, Eric. We love you back, Go Go Gadjet.

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