Your Ultimate THON 2021 Playlist

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With a virtual THON this year, the need for songs with sick beats and inspirational lyrics is greater than ever. Here are some songs that will give your apartment the same buzz and vibes as the BJC all weekend long.

“This is Our Time” by WILD

For a boost of energy, and for a reminder of all that you’re doing FTK this year, take a listen to this song. The lyrics throughout the chorus make it fun to sing while you cheer yourself, or your dancers, on.

Take some inspiration from the lyrics: “Step into the open wide / watch the future come alive / tie it up and watch it grow/run straight into the unknown.”

“Easy Love” by Sigala

This is another song that will have you jumping around, newly motivated. Turn this song on, throw your hands in the air and take a minute to celebrate and dance.

Take some inspiration from the lyrics: “Sing a simple melody / that’s how easy love can be.”

“Something New” by The Score

For a mellower song with a good beat and uplifting lyrics, listen to this song. Whether busting a move or taking a second to refresh your mind, you’re bound to have a smile on your face when this song plays.

Take some inspiration from the lyrics: “Save my soul, I found another / who can make me hold out for each other.”

“High Hopes” by Panic At The Disco

A classic THON song, High Hopes is just the inspiration you’ll need to bring your energy levels up.

Take some inspiration from the lyrics: “Had to have high, high hopes for a living / didn’t know how but I always had a feeling / I was gonna be that one in a million.”

“Miles On My Heart” by Kyle Reynolds

A slightly slower song, this tune makes for a great moment to take a second to hug — or air-hug — those close to you.

Take some inspiration from the lyrics: “I’ll be the one to be strong when, you just can’t / I’ll be the anchor for your soul.”

For the full playlist, listen here:



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