How to Enjoy This Year’s THON

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This year’s THON is something that Penn State never imagined happening. From fundraising months before, preparing to stand hours on end, and doing it all for the kids, THON weekend is long-awaited every year. Having thousands of students and families crammed in the stands of the Bryce Jordan Center to now having none, this year will be very different. Even though this year will be online it is important to remember the safety of the children; the reason why we THON. VALLEY includes some ways to enjoy THON this year from your computer.

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Stream it with friends

This year you can watch the Livestream starting at 6 pm February 19th until 4 pm February 21st at Watching THON with friends will not only make it a fun experience but make it feel like THON in person as you can hype up each other to keep standing. One of the best parts about THON was being surrounded by people who were bringing you up, cheering you on and doing this at home will bring that same energy! The more people you have to keep each other going, the better. Order or make food to keep your body fueled during this too. Having a satisfied stomach will keep you full and energized.

Get dressed as if you were there

Getting dressed for THON is always such a fun time because usually everyone is going all out. With glitter on faces, crazy and fun hairstyles, matching outfits and more, this could help bring up your spirits. Get matching outfits with your friends, take fun pictures and remember why THON is so important.
Make a playlist of songs that get you hype

Since the BJC blasts music all hours of THON, has a concert, has sports teams dancing, and does not let the BJC get quiet, create a playlist that you know gets you excited. It is especially important this year to be just as cheerful as years before. Just because THON is virtual this year does not mean it is any less of a good cause. Getting friends together, listening to fun music, dressing up and dancing throughout hours for THON could make this virtual experience really fun.

Try as best as you can this year to enjoy THON. It really is what you make of it so make it fun! If you and friends are getting together for THON this year or even watching it on your own, tweet or tag us on Instagram @VALLEYmag. We hope everyone stays safe. FTK!



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