Hair Influencers That Are the Real Deal

Photo from @itsmarinaann on Instagram

Influencers are an advertiser’s heaven ––they can promote products or services easily to a huge audience without the need for creativity on the brand’s end. However, there is room for people to be disingenuous in these ads since the influencers are getting paid. How can the audience ensure they actually use the products they’re selling?

Hair care products, from brands such as Klorane USA or Function of Beauty, are hugely promoted through influencer ads. While the brands are legit, the legitimacy behind the influencers proposed claims are questioned.

So, instead of doing the guessing game and wasting money on products unfit for healthy hair, VALLEY did the digging for you. Here are influencers with hair goals that show their viewers the proof is in the pudding.

Hannah Kay –– @hhannahkayy on TikTok
Photo from @hhannahhoneybee_ on Instagram

If you look on her Instagram or TikTok, Hannah Kay’s always perfect hair is enough to prove that her routine works. While her page consists of clothes and other content, she does show her favorite hair-safe hairstyles and washing routine to keep hair healthy and glowing.

Kay implements oils, leave-in conditioners and of course, heat protectants in her routine and shows viewers the benefits. Additionally, she reviews different hair care products, so if your hair gets too used to a certain product, you know what to get to switch it up.

Audrey Victoria –– @audreyvictoria_ on TikTok
Photo from @audreyvictoria_ on TikTok

Audrey Victoria’s hair seriously looks like it could be the softest hair in the world, so her word on hair care is law. The Boston-based “hairtok” influencer posts videos all about products and hair-care regimes that work. She is also currently doing 100 days of unique hairstyles to try if you are looking to diversify your styles.

Anastasia Perrault –– @anastasiaperraultt on TikTok
Photo from @anastasiaperraultt

Rocking your natural curls can be a trial-and-error game when it comes to choosing the right products and styles for your unique flow. Anastasia Perrault is the TikToker showing people how to be confident in their natural hair. She gives helpful tips and tricks on different ways to style natural curls day after day successfully.

Aside from hilarious TikToks about loving her wash days, she shows how she achieves her perfectly defined curls, while also providing product recommendations and protective hairstyles for nighttime.

Marina Ann –– @itsmarinaann on TikTok
Photo from @itsmarinaann on Instagram

For the curly-haired girl, Marina Ann is your one-stop shop for hair inspiration and advice. Be mindful though that curly hair isn’t universal –– curls differ from person to person and not all routines will fit everyone.

Even if your curly hair differs from Marina Ann’s, her videos can still be helpful. She details her shower and post-shower routines, easy hairstyles for in-between wash days and even a fun pineapple and bonnet trick to keep your curls’ integrity while you sleep.

Monique M Rapier –– @moniquemrapier
Photo from @moniquemrapier on Instagram

Not only does Monique M. Rapier provide raw and helpful advice and recommendations through her many TikTok videos, but she also has extensive guides on her Instagram (@moniquemrapier) regarding hair care and homemade remedies to keep your hair looking bright.

Combined with step-by-step videos on how she styles her hair and exactly how she transformed her dry hair into luxurious, soft locks, Rapier proves she knows what she’s talking about.

Who are your favorite hair influencers? Let us know by tweeting @VALLEYmag.

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