Remembering Celebrity Lives Lost to Coronavirus

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, “normal” people aren’t the only individuals dealing with coronavirus. Beginning in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has spread like wildfire – reaching at least 185 countries around the globe. The world has entered an apocalypse-like state, with stay-at-home orders being strictly enforced all over the country. Universities, malls and businesses have shut down, leaving Americans to continue social distancing until further notice.

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Let’s face it – the world of Hollywood isn’t all glitz and glamor. Just like the average person, celebrities are facing the wrath of coronavirus as well. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have used their enormous followings to share how they’ve been keeping busy during quarantine.

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The reality is, that among many other Americans and non-Americans who have lost their lives to coronavirus, celebrities are no exception. This article serves to remember those celebrities who have lost their lives due to coronavirus and the disease’s complications. These celebrities have made their mark on our society today and will forever be in our hearts.

John Prine: WorldRenowned Singer / Songwriter
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John Prine was one of the most influential songwriters of his generation. He wrote many songs in his time as a singer-songwriter, but some of his most touching tracks were “Lake Marie” and “Summer’s End.” The 73-year-old won three Grammy Awards in his lifetime and will be forever remembered for his gift of music that he shared with the world.

Terrence McNally: Accomplished Playwright
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Known for clinching four Tony awards for ‘Winning Playwright,’ Terrence McNally was no stranger to the broadway world. As an openly gay writer, the majority of McNally’s plays were focused on love and the AIDS epidemic. Passing away at age 81, he will forever be remembered for his gift of creativity that he shared with broadway fans all over the nation.

Patricia Bosworth: Talented Actress and Journalist
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From the moment she was born, Patricia Bosworth was destined to be a star. In 1959, she played Audrey Hepburn’s best friend in “The Nun’s Story” and later became a journalist for several magazines, including “Harper’s Bazaar” and “VanityFair.” Bosworth will be remembered for the writing and acting talents that she fearlessly brought into the world.

Lee Fierro: Iconic Actress
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You may recognize her from Steven Spielberg’s famous movie “Jaws,” because Lee Fierro ultimately stole the show when she slapped the police chief in the face. Talk about acting! Fierro passed away at age 91, but she will be remembered for her acting skills that wowed the world.

Allen Daviau: Expert Cinematographer
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Daviau was known for his expertise in cinematography and collaborated with Steven Spielberg on various films like “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial” and “Empire of the Sun.” Working along some of the best directors in the world, Daviau produced worthwhile films that will last a lifetime. Daviau passed away at 77 and will be remembered for his passion for working alongside others to make movies the best they could be.

In these difficult times, remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter today.


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