The Perfect THON Manicure

LaurenJohnson_THONInspiredManicureShow some THON support with your fingernails this weekend. This quick and easy manicure will look great paired with all of the diamond hand-signs you’ll be throwing up in the air.

You will need two nail polish colors, one a shimmery silver and the other the color of your committee or org. For example, I am on Morale, so I will be using a yellow nail polish. This paint job can be completed in three simple steps.

1. Paint both of your index fingers and your thumbs using the sparkly nail polish. I suggest two coats of this, so as to really layer on that shine.

2. Paint the rest of your nails using your second nail polish color. Do two or three coats of this.

3. Finish off your manicure with a clear top coat to seal the deal. You don’t want your nails chipping THON weekend—there will be no time to leave the BJC for touch-ups!

Notice how the four fingers you will be using THON weekend to make your diamond hand-sign are now sparkling accordingly. Gather the girls on your committee or organization and have a pre-THON mani party, using these three steps. Your matching nails will look great in the pictures you’ll be taking this weekend of your group throwing your diamonds in the air!

Photo by Lauren Johnson


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