Tips for Styling Curly Hair

oberdorf_haircareCurly hair has a mind of its own. It’s all the things hair can be, rolled up into one texture – tangled (and not the elegant Rapunzel kind), voluminous, frizzy, soft and just downright annoying. If curly hair could be described in a song, it would hands down be Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”.

A lot of people think curly hair is unmanageable and should just be left to do its own thing. In a dream world where you have the hair of a Greek goddess, that may be true. But this is a world filled with sticky summer humidity and unrelenting dry winter months – it’s not all dandelions and unicorns in the world of curls.

A little love can go a long way when it comes to hair. Lauren Core, Evolve Studio’s owner and Master Stylist, gives tips for styling your lion’s mane without the damage of flat irons and blow dryers: “Braids look amazing with curly hair. I don’t think people realize how cool braids can look. Especially right now, the trend is that kind of messy, bed-head slept in look. By incorporating your curls with a braid, you’re just as trendy as the straight-haired girls.” 

In addition to finding that perfect product for your curls, Core says product can be just as important as styling. “Typically most curly haired girls need more moisture, so that’s why during this season you’re having so much trouble. Curly hair is super dried out, so you’re not getting the moisture you need from the atmosphere. I would recommend using a nice curling cream; it’s going to moisturize as well as help your curl.”

We know what you’re thinking – how am I supposed to find a certain product that’s right for you? We get it! It can be overwhelming choosing from the mass amounts of products out there for curly girls. If you’re looking for something quick and easy that works well, don’t be afraid to try out different drugstore products.

Freshman Dallas Astrin pegs her go-to product as Garnier Fructis’s Daily Care Silky Secret Leave-In Spray to manage her tangles. “It makes my hair really easy to comb. When I spray it on, it takes all the knots out.” Sorry, did you say no knots? Yes please!

Another magic trick to maximizing the beauty of the curl is letting it air dry. Wringing it out with a towel can damage and break your hair, majorly killing the curly vibe. “After I shower, I part and brush my hair and let it air dry. I usually put some Aussie Sprunch Hair Spray in and my hair will curl pretty nicely,” junior Makiala Yates says of her daily styling routine.

It’s good to know when it comes to curly hair, there’s more to life than being compared to Curly Sue or Princess Merida. There’s more behind the mane, ya’ll! It’s all about harnessing your power and tapping in to your inner hairstylist. Stay strong – there is hope for your frizzy fantasy.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf


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