The New Directors of THON Debut Their Favorite Snapchat Filters

Photo posted by THON | Instagram (@pennstatethon)

The new directors for THON 2017 were just recently announced and instead of simply introducing them to you, Valley thought it would be fun to have them submit selfies with their favorite Snapchat filters. So without further ado, here are your new THON directors!

Austin Sommerer, Executive Director

Austin Sommerer - Executive Director


Alanna Figurelli, Dancer Relations

Alanna Figurelli - Dancer Relations

Andrew Smith, Volunteer Safety & Andrew Triolo, Event Safety

Andrew Smith - Volunteer Safety and Andrew Trolio - Event Safety

Brittany Robbins, Family Relations

Brittany Robbins - Family Relations

Eileen Seitz, Supply Logistics

Eileen Seitz - Supply Logistics

Jon George, Communications

Jon George - Communications

Kyle Azzara, Entertainment

Kyle Azzara - Entertainment

Michelle Warner, Hospitality

Michelle Warner - Hospitality

Olivia Rothseid, OPP

Olivia Rothseid - OPP

Peter Pagano, Special Events

Peter Pagano - Special Events

PJ Weaver, Technology

PJ Weaver - Technology

Rick Melli, DAR Alumni Engagement

Rick Melli - DAR Alumni Engagement

Sam Sherlock, Public Relations

Sam Sherlock - Public Relations

Tommy Radziminski, DAR Development

Tommy Radziminski - DAR Development

Will Koch, Merchandise

Will Koch - Merchandise

Sydney Boutcher, Finance
Sydney Boutcher - Finance

We can’t wait to see what this group has in store for THON 2017.


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