Inside Amy Schumer: Penn State Edition

Photo posted by The Bryce Jordan Center | Instagram (@jordancenter)

Sex, drugs and body image. Nothing was off limits for Amy Schumer Friday night at the Bryce Jordan Center. Most of us know Schumer from her movie Trainwreck, her standup shows or even her appearance on SNL. Her unapologetic performance had the crowd in tears laughing. If sipping a bottle of champagne and sharing absurd stories in front of hundreds of people is a job, then Amy Schumer did something right.

You know when you’re with a friend and they are telling you a story, but they are they only one laughing and say, “You had to be there.”? Well, that’s the same for Schumer’s stand up because there is no way to do it justice. Joke after joke, she had the crowd laughing with her and at her. Schumer’s knack for making fun of herself and being comfortable with her audiences is what makes her a genuine entertainer.

She welcomed the crowd with none other than the “We are!” chant, which automatically put her in good graces with the Penn State crowd.

All jokes aside (kind of), Schumer talked about women’s magazines sending poor messages about body image. The idea of having to lose weight for anyone but yourself was something that Schumer made clear that she found ridiculous. “No one gives a sh*t about your body except you,” says Schumer.

Even though many of the jokes that she says can be offensive and crude, she did send a great message to the women in her audience. *snaps for Amy*

We should all be proud enough of our bodies to put an image of ourselves in a bikini up on the screen in the BJC, even if we aren’t supermodels.



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