The Importance Of A “Me Night”

JonathanHsieh.MeNightWe know Penn State is a party school (gasp), and going out with your best girls on the weekend can be absolute blast. But the Thursday, Friday and Saturday night routine can really weigh a person down after a while.

We all also know the effects of alcohol: drinking excessively can make you gain weight (whether it be from the alcohol itself or from eating while drinking), it causes the dreaded hangover and can make you feel downright lazy after a night of it.

What if, once in awhile, you took a break from wild nights and have a “me night”? It may be much needed and you don’t even know it.

Set aside next Thursday night for yourself. This isn’t a slumber party, either. There’s no gossip, no catty remarks about a person who isn’t there and no deep, emotional conversations with a best guy friend. Nope, this night is for you.

Grab yourself a good movie. This, of course, depends on your taste, but I suggest “The Notebook”. If you don’t want to cry yourself to sleep (the kiss at the end always kills me), try a funny kid classic like “The Little Rascals” or “Beauty and the Beast”.

We’re legally adults, yes, but we don’t have to act like them all the time.

Make some hot chocolate and popcorn for yourself. Grab the nail polish, start the movie and kick back and relax.

After the movie is over, maybe start up that book you’ve been dying to read but have been too busy with schoolwork to do it.

Really, there are endless possibilities for your “me night”, and this is just one way to do it. The point is to remove yourself from the mundane routine of school, and then partying. Though it may not seem exhausting while in the midst of it, you may realize how draining college life can be.

Take a break. Take a “me night”.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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