Reality Check: We Are Young

KylinChen.1They’re everywhere. They’re on Twitter; They’re on Instagram. You can’t even check your Facebook feed without seeing them. They make you want to run to McLanahan’s and buy the biggest carton of ice cream to drown your sorrows in while you look at them. No, it’s not just any old picture. We’re talking about engagement and wedding photos.

If you are recently engaged and/or married, then congrats! But for those of us who are single or at least aren’t taking a walk down the aisle any time soon, here are some things to try to help you feel better about not having a ring:

If you’re having a hard time, focus your negative energy on something positive.

It sounds corny and like something your mom would say, but it works. Instead of thinking about everything you dislike about yourself, shift all of that energy into something different. Go to the gym more, do your homework, get a job, find a new hobby – just do anything that’ll take your mind off of what’s making you sad. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your soul mate while you’re soul searching.

You’re saving money.

If you are single, then you don’t have to worry about birthday presents, Christmas presents, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. You can save that money for the future or splurge it on yourself. Go on, buy that Coach wristlet – you deserve it.

Your wedding will probably be bigger (and better).

When you and your significant other are out of school with awesome jobs, you’ll be able to afford the wedding of your dreams and buy that perfect dress with your own money. Take a minute right now and think about how happy your dad will be when you tell him that he doesn’t have to shell out $5,000 on a dress that you’ll only wear once.

Go ahead, flirt with the cutie at Starbucks.

Being single doesn’t have to be boring or lonely. All is means is that you aren’t committed to anybody other than yourself – so have a little fun! Give that cute guy your number and go out with your friends on weekends. There’s nothing wrong with some harmless flirting.

We’re still young!

Like, really young. Our parents’ friends still say that we’re “babies” and everybody tells us that we still haven’t entered “the real world” (whatever that means). We’ve got so much time ahead of us that we really shouldn’t be worrying about making a huge commitment right now. And above all else…

There is nothing wrong with you.

Just because you haven’t met Mr. Right (or you have and just aren’t engaged) doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. He’ll come around, and when he does, it’ll be worth it. Remember: good things come to those who wait.

Photo by Kylin Chen

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