The Five Stages Of Grief Applied To The End Of Syllabus Week

Our beloved sylly week has officially come to an end, and with it has come a lot of tears and regret. Professors are starting to take attendance and you can no longer choose hitting the bars over going to your afternoon class. Before you know it, exams will start and you’ll actually have to study.

We only have a limited number of syllabus weeks at Penn State, so naturally we experience some strong feelings every time one comes to an end. Here are the five stages of grief that all PSU students feel at the end of sylly week.


I mean, it’s still regular drop/add period, so technically I don’t have to go to class. My 8 a.m. professor already started taking attendance, but I can totally stay out until 2:00 and still make it. Plus, I’m pretty sure one of my professors still hasn’t finished going over the syllabus, so technically it’s still syllabus week for me. Syllabus week 2.0!


Why do my professors insist on covering actual material the Monday after syllabus week?! Don’t they understand that I need at least a solid week to recover? I can’t be expected to spend three hours on textbook reading until at least the end of September. I refuse.


Okay, I’ll just do one hour of reading and then I can go out. Reading isn’t that important, anyway. Actually, it’s not too late to return this book and get a full refund. Maybe I’ll just do that and use my refund for bar money instead.


Turns out my parents aren’t okay with me spending my textbook money at the bar. Which means I actually have to do my reading. Which means I’m drowning in a puddle of my own tears while all my friends somehow still have no schoolwork and are out having fun without me. If I can’t drink my feelings away, I’m ordering Wings Over and eating them away instead.


Okay, maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic. I’ve survived the end of many sylly weeks, and I can survive this one too. I’m going to sit down and finish my homework, then go to sleep and dream of next semester’s syllabus week.