The Bold Type: Female Empowerment at its Best

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Smart writing, killer outfits and power house women. If you’re like us at Valley, what’s not to love about Freeform’s new show “The Bold Type”?

Based loosely on the happenings at Cosmo Magazine, “The Bold Type” follows the lives of the fictional Scarlet Magazine’s up and coming writer Jane Sloane, social media director Kat Edison and assistant/aspiring fashionista Sutton Brady. Following these women through their busy New York City love lives would typically be enough for any other show to stop at, but “The Bold Type” does something different.

Of course there is still drama, (it is television after all) but these women build each other up through their friendships every chance they get. They all prove they can be career driven, have successful relationships AND be supportive of one another.

Even better? The world the writers have built over the first few episodes feels real. (Well, besides from the outfits the girls wear on their less-than-nothing salaries.) Jane attempts to impress her new boss. Kat struggles with online Twitter creeps and her sexuality. Sutton doesn’t know what she wants to do with her professional life.

Career ambition is not shamed— it’s praised. Though each of the characters is at a different point in her career, they continue to encourage others to go for what they want. Viewers can truly relate to each struggle like it’s their own.

The girls have each other through each problem they go through, but another person they seem to be able to turn to is someone pretty unexpected— their boss. The editor-in-chief of Scarlet Magazine will become the mentor you’ve always wanted. Instead of a Miranda Priestly-esque character from “The Devil Wears Prada,” we have a woman who is powerful and sure of herself, but doesn’t feel the need to put others down because of her power. She challenges her writers and other employees in ways that make them raise the bar for themselves so they can become better at what they do. Not to mention she works out in heels. Can anyone else say #goals?

But why should you really watch this show? It values fearlessness. It embraces controversy. It makes you believe in women’s magazines again and reminds you that they should definitely hold more value than how to talk to a guy and what to wear. Seriously, every episode’s ending leaves you feeling empowered like you can do anything you want to do with your life. These girls go for their dreams and don’t apologize for being anyone but themselves— something every female can take away from this show.

Catch new episodes of “The Bold Type” Tuesdays 9/8c on Freeform!

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