The Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on the Internet

Photo by Chrisspy | @chrisspy

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and for anyone who is struggling yet again to find the perfect affordable costume, look no further.

Whether you’re going for a simple, glamorous or straight-up scary look this year, Valley has compiled some of the most impressive and easy to re-create makeup tutorials on the internet for some costume inspiration.

1. Golden Goddess:

Photo by Carli Bybel | @carlibel

Posted by Carli Bybel | @carlibel

This look, created by YouTube star Carli Bybel, is perfect for a costume party where you still want to look like yourself. It’s dramatic without being over the top, and the gorgeous gold shades incorporated flatter all skin tones and eye colors.

2. Half-face Skull Makeup:

Photo by Chrisspy | @chrisspy

Posted by Chrisspy | @chrisspy

This creepy yet stunning look was done by makeup guru Chrisspy, who is known for her makeup transformations. While not too difficult, this may be easier for the more artistic people out there due to all of the detail.

3. Half-face Skull Makeup (simple version):

Photo by Chrisspy | @chrisspy

Posted by Chrisspy | @chrisspy

In addition to her last skull tutorial, Chrisspy recently uploaded a new, easier version of the look. This smoky, somewhat scary look is just the right amount of creepy and pretty. The best part is it really is super easy and requires only makeup that you probably already have at home!

4. Queen Cleopatra:

Photo by I L U V S A R A H I I | @iluvsarahii

Posted by I L U V S A R A H I I | @iluvsarahii

Created by makeup artist Karen Gonzalez, better known as iluvsarahii, this full-glam makeup look is perfect for nailing that classic Cleopatra costume, without having to actually buy a costume. Everyone will know exactly what you’re dressed up as because the captivating makeup is so spot on, and it’s not that different from doing normal makeup. The look is just super intensified and exaggerated.

5.  Harley Quinn:

Posted by NikkieTutorials | @nikkietutorials

Posted by NikkieTutorials | @nikkietutorials

If you’re a fan of the Suicide Squad comics or the movie, or even if you’re not, this look is the look for Halloween ’16. With all of the hype around the ultimate girl crush, Margot Robbie, playing the lead role lots of people are going to be dressing up as Harley Quinn this year. Youtube star NikkieTutorials did this amazing re-creation of her signature look, and makes it simple enough so that you can do it too.

Make your Halloween look go above others that just dress up. This year embrace your creative side and try out one of these tutorials.