Penn State Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the sweetest time of year. Literally. As fun as Halloween is, it can be equally as stressful to find an appropriate, yet original costume. Finding a costume is no different than a homework assignment. We put it off until it is the night before and we have to text everyone we know for the answer to our problems. Thankfully, Valley has your answer. Our campus is filled with Halloween costume ideas that have been in front of you the entire time! Here are a few of our favorite Penn State Halloween costume inspirations:

Willard Preacher

What you’ll need: red sweatshirt, jeans and an unrelenting attitude against typical college behavior

James Franklin

What you’ll need: Penn State Football Polo, khakis, glasses and an unbelievable victory over Ohio State


What you’ll need: gray shirt and pants, a gray tail, animal ears and a few acorns to survive the Penn State winter

Nittany Lion

What you’ll need: You can either opt for a Nittany Lion onesie costume or get creative and wear a Penn State Nittany Lion shirt with lion ears and a tail!

Lion Tutor

What you’ll need: This costume requires a little imagination. Dress as a tutor, but then add a tail and Nittany Lion ears. Get it?!

Football player

What you’ll need: football jersey of your choice, high socks, black sneakers and black under-eye paint.

Mike the Mailman

What you’ll need: blue short-sleeve button up shirt, tie and some mail, of course!

Todd bikes

What you will need: a shirt that says “Vamos! Taxi and Touring” on the front and “free bike rides” on the back, jeans and fake bike handles made out of the item of your choice (aluminum foil is recommended)

Frat boy

What you will need: a backwards hat and a shirt that says “who do you know here?” on it

East halls dorms

What you will need: a group of friends and white t-shirts with a different residence hall written on the front of each one

Whether or not you have Halloween spirit, we know that you have Penn State pride, so why not combine the two!? Be ready for compliments from every person you bump into on the street, and who knows, maybe you’ll run into one of these popular Penn State personalities while dressed up as them!