The Acne Mentality

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There’s no denying that acne is one of the peskiest things people have to deal with throughout their lives. It can develop as early as grade school and last throughout adulthood in some cases. More often than not, those who suffer from acne have to go to extreme lengths to cover up their blemishes, resulting in feeling negatively about themselves. These negative thoughts can create deeper emotions and cause more problems than necessary. Why is it that something so natural can cause us to feel so poorly about ourselves?

Acne is something that can be considered genetic, meaning if your mom endured the pain of it at any point, you’re more likely to as well. If not genetic, then it’s a type of hormonal issue. Acne can also spread to any part of your body, ranging from your face to your chest to anywhere else really. It can appear as large red bumps, ranging in size, and then develop into scars if you’ve had it for a long period of time. Face washes, creams, masks and several at-home or prescribed remedies are suggested to assist in diminishing acne, but the physical and emotional pain may linger. 

Aside from the physical side effects of acne, such as scars, prolonged blemishes or rashes, there are many emotional side effects that people have to deal with. Considering acne is often thought of as being “unattractive,” people may feel poorly about themselves if they’re prone to severe breakouts. It’s easy to cover up acne with makeup, but how many times does one need to do that to feel good about themselves? Sometimes, if acne is so bad, people may not want to go out in public, in fear of being judged or ridiculed because of how they look. Due to some of the unknown causes of acne, this may prompt people to even question why they suffer through it. 

If people were unaware of the reasons for why their skin breaks out, they may question themselves in regard to how they take care of their skin, the foods they eat or any other health-related issues. Overthinking can break someone down, so analyzing every small detail of one’s life to figure out why they’re breaking out can take a hard mental toll on them. 

Despite acne being considered as something negative or ugly, it’s essentially just a normal thing that almost everyone has experienced. Acne doesn’t define a person — making them any worse than another — so there’s no reason to have a stigma surrounding it. 



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