The 10 Annoying Questions Relatives Will Ask Over Thanksgiving Dinner

ShantelleWilliams_AwkwardThanksgiving02The holidays are a wonderful time – you get a break from school, you get to see your family and friends and you get to eat awesome food. The downside to all of those awesome things: the distant relatives that you see over break and the awkward questions they always ask. Upperclassmen, you know what I’m talking about. Freshmen, brace yourselves. These are ten questions that you’ll almost definitely be asked over that turkey dinner:

1. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

2. “Have you heard about the Freshmen 15?”

3. “What’s your GPA?”

4. “Do you like your major?”
This one can get really annoying. When you answer it for five different people and they ask you so much about it, you actually start to second-guess if you actually like it.

5. “Will you have a job after college?”

6. “Do you get along with your roommate(s)?”

7. Something awkward about sex.

8. “Do you know your limit with drinking yet?”

9. “How are you paying for school?”

10. “Do you have a boyfriend?”
This will be asked more than once, and probably by the same person.

Photo by Shantelle Williams


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