TBT: The Absurdity of TV Shows We Grew Up With

3988761264_63ec1e6d5d_oRemember the days of Zoey 101, Hannah Montana and iCarly? Remember how ridiculous those shows were? Let’s break it down. 

How pretty were Carly, Zoey and Hannah exactly?

For shows based entirely around the idea that the world literally revolved around the main characters, these girls did not deserve everything constantly being handed to them.

First of all, the girls who were the center of attention looked ridiculous at all times. Four different hairstyles at once, a million pieces of clothing and a whoooole lotta lip gloss.

However, despite looking like they got dressed in the dark while wasted, Carly, Zoey and Hannah each got all of the boys, all of the compliments and all of the opportunities… even though none of them were any more special than the best friend that everyone ignored.

Think about it, Hannah’s sitting there with her ridiculously bejeweled outfit with all of the boys constantly telling her how pretty she is, while Lilly is rocking a half-braided head and beanie hat combo with some cargo pants. No one ever liked Lilly, or Sam the overly aggressive meat addict or Lola, Zoey’s prettier, funnier friend.

Where are everyone’s parents?!

In typical fashion, none of these shows involved any real parental supervision. The kids in Zoey 101 went to a private school (actually Pepperdine University) with no adults, Carly lives with her older brother and Hannah has a dad but never gets any kind of discipline.

So these kids just run around creating and solving their own problems while their parents are somewhere else, blissfully unaware of their kids. Any adults that actually are on the show are very strange, stupid or both, and none of them actually have any control over what anyone does.

What parent does this? Whose life is like this? I’m pretty sure that if any parent actually parented their kids this way, they would be charged with child neglect.

Basically, we grew up thinking that we would own lives while everyone gave us compliments on how awesome our bedazzled jacket is. Thanks Hannah!

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