Valley Live-Tweets the Oscars

We had two of our writers, Jillian Selzer and Steven Lynch, live-tweet the Oscars – and we are so glad that they did. Relive the spectacle with as we recap the night through them.


Duly noted. 


Yes, Yes, and OH YES. 


Tell us your secret Jared Leto. Or just give us your hair. 


Alert the authorities. 


All hail Jennifer Lawrence, Queen of Graceful Awkwardness. 


Weird feelings, always reliable. 


Can Ellen Degeneres host everything? 


Authorities were notified. The forests will survive.


Can’t let go of the obsession for Frozen. 


Cue the “they should be dating” tabloid articles. 


And the winner of the Selfie Olympics is… 


They’re floating right along. 


One of many aw-worthy moments.


Is it even possible to top that most epic of epic selfies? Of course it is. Ellen Degeneres is hosting.


Oh the anticipation! 


Let’s just turn back to Ellen Degeneres again.  


Let it go, guys, just let those feelings go. 


Stay tuned for Jillian’s next “Pick of the Week”.  


Still floating right along. 


 Indeed, women are pretty great. 


And the weird feelings conclude as… 


You’ve both earned an Oscar in our eyes. Thanks for tweeting for us! 



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