#TBT: Summer Things

TGIS: Thank God It’s Summer.

With the warm months finally in our grasp and the past school year in our rearview mirrors, there are so many things to embrace – sunshine, tan skin, vacation, bonfires and more.

But, the things we love about summer in our college years are nothing like what we loved when we were younger. This Thursday, we’re throwing it back summer style with a few things we all patiently awaited as kids once school finally let out.

Razor Scooters

There was nothing better than flying around the neighborhood on a Razor scooter in the summer. They were the primary mode of transportation, and admit it; you thought you looked so cool riding one.

Passing Your Pool Test

Before you could graduate from the kiddie pool and swim with the big kids, your local pool club probably made you take a pool test. If you could tread water for thirty seconds and prove you could swim on your own, you were in. It was the only test you took all summer and it was worth it.


Speaking of the pool, you felt like a model rocking that tankini from Limited Too or Justice. It wasn’t a bikini, but hey, mom finally let you wear a two-piece. You would take what you could get.

Ice Cream from the Ice-Cream Truck

From Screwballs to Choco Tacos, the ice-cream truck had it all. The soft music coming from the truck in the distance was your queue to quickly beg dad for some money and then race your siblings out the door.

Kool-Aid Bursts

Nothing was more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold Kool-Aid Burst. They came in handy, easy-to-drink bottles and were perfect on the go. Plus, the Berry Blue flavor turned your tongue blue for, like, the entire day.

Platform Flip-Flops

Okay ladies, we were all guilty of owning a pair or two of these as a kid. You felt so grown up, like you were wearing heels, but had no idea how tragically ugly they actually were. Some trends should stay in the past.

Neighborhood Water Gun/Water Balloon Fights

It was always a good day when the kids in your neighborhood got together and had an all-out water fight. It was fun and helped with the overbearing summer heat.


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