Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Emoji?

Happy World Emoji Day! worldemojiday

Yes it exists and it is today, fittingly because of the random date someone picked to put on the calendar emoji—July 17.

Nonetheless we all want to participate in this silly holiday via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our personal text messages of course.

For some of us we have a spirit emoji. The one emoji that totally describes us, the emoji that we feel expresses us in a virtual, tiny, yellow smiley face way.

Take our quiz to find out your spirit emoji!


You’re at a party and you….

A. Dance like nobody is watching
B. Watch from the sidelines
C. Talk with all your pals, play some pong
D. Flirt

While studying you…

A. Listen to music
B. Uh I don’t study…
C. Have to study with friends
D. Text, with a LOT of emojis

Your favorite food is…

A. Chips and dip
B. Sushi
C. Takeout food
D. Chocolate

Your favorite song is…

A. Anything
B. Anything by the Black Keys
C. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
D. Sugar by Maroon 5

Someone gorgeous walks past, you…

A. Cat call them
B. Just glance their way and figure they’ll notice you first
C. Strike up a conversation
D. Giggle and wink

You want to major in…

A. The Arts
B. Anything that’ll get you a degree
C. Science
D. Psychology

Your go to footwear is…

A. Stilettos
B. Socks
C. Converse
D. Beachy sandals


If you answered mostly A’s your spirit emoji is…

The sassy red dress dancer!dancingemoji

You show up to the party ready to have a good time. Most eyes are on you because of your style and overwhelming presence. There’s nothing that can bring your high energy mood down, not even a bad song. Everyone wants to be your friend and party while you bring out your wild side. You’re sassy, in a good way, and really keep people on their feet.


If you answered mostly B’s your spirit emoji is…

The sunglasses smiley face!41-smiling-face-with-sunglasses

You know how to have a good time but keep your cool no matter what. You know people think you’re cool and you show it with a smile on your face at all times. You’re funny, but sarcastic, easy going and very chill. Sometimes you’re thought of as being lazy, but really people just need to get to know you to figure out that you’re someone who goes and gets what they want.



If you answered mostly C’s your spirit emoji is…

The tongue emoji!14-face-with-stuck-out-tongue

You’re super friendly and enjoy being around people. “Only God can judge you” because you don’t care what anyone thinks! You love to give anything a try and even though you might not be good at it, you have fun. You have lots of friends and are involved in everything. People love reading your tweets and Facebook posts because they hilariously relate to everyone else. You’re proudly a one of a kind, extroverted individual.


If you answered mostly D’s your spirit emoji is….

The kissy face!face-throwing-a-kiss

You’re the flirt of any group! You know how to show off your stuff and not afraid to do it. You see something you want and go after it. Not only do you like to be the center of attention, you’re also very kind hearted and don’t mind sharing the spot light with someone else. You know it’s not all about you and you can be just as friendly as anyone else is to you.



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