Take Cover: Best Foundation for Inclement Weather

SiruWen.GoodFoundationNothing is worse than taking some extra time to blend in that foundation perfectly only to have it ruined by a sleet-wind-hail storm. Through rainy and bitter weather, the last thing a girl needs is her makeup clumping or running down her face.

During the harsh winter months, keeping foundation in its place seems nearly impossible. Thankfully, though, the truth about keeping makeup under control comes out from under its rock – there are different kinds of foundations for each season!

This means that compact powder cover up you bought in the summer probably won’t look as good on you now that winter has shown its own ugly face.

“You want a foundation that moisturizes, because winter is already sucking moisture out of your skin,” explains Kylie Lingle from Lipstick salon. “You’ll also want to look for some cream-based foundations.”

A lot of brands will seem like they have moisturizing qualities, but beware: moisturizing and oily are two completely different characteristics. So is cakey and full-coverage.

Liquid foundation will most likely make your face too oily, even for winter. Similarly, some compact makeup can clump up after being exposed to the harsh air.

What you need is a moisturizing cream or matte foundation. We found some great ones in stores like CVS!

Maybelline Cream Compact foundation is a great choice for winter-friendly makeup. Since it is whipped and has a cream base, it is ultra-hydrating without being too oily. The foam foundation is also a great option because it’s air-infused and hydrating.

Revlon also makes a foundation called PhotoReady Airbrush. This foundation is particularly equipped to handle winter weather because it’s a mousse, so it’s cream-based. It also provides full coverage without clumping!

Lingle clarified that the foundation alone is not going to give you the results you want. The way of applying your foundation also makes a difference.

“Always use a sponge,” she says, explaining that it evenly distributes the foundation on your face, giving a well-covered, but not cakey, look.

Luckily for us college girls, we won’t need to buy expensive face pads to get the job done. Lingle verified that any sort of makeup sponge would do, and that they can be found in nearly any store.

There isn’t much technique to keeping your skin flawless in the winter, but your foundation is sure to make or break your long winter. Always prepare for those cold days with the right makeup, and take cover!

Photo by Siru Wen

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