Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Sometimes life, and our outfits, can become a little dull. While life has its inevitable ups and downs, Valley has the antidote for any boring outfit.

This summer, cross over to the wild side. You can find animal print in almost any store you walk into these days. The trend comes and goes through the years, but it’s here for the summer and can always be pulled off with some style and confidence.

Valley has compiled a list of animal prints to help you embrace your wild side. Welcome to the jungle!


Cheetah print is a bold addition to any look. For the full effect, let your instincts take over with a cheetah print dress paired with some black lace-up sandals. If you aren’t looking to fully indulge yourself in this print, try some subtle accent pieces, such as with a cheetah print belt or cheetah slides. These little pops of wild will be sure to turn any drab outfit into a trendy ensemble.

“I like cheetah print because it’s a fun way to bring some pop and excitement to your everyday outfits,” says Olivia Shipley, a Penn State junior.


Snakeskin is a classic print that has been around for decades, and it never seems to go out of style. If you want to try a snakeskin dress, subtlety is key. Pair a snakeskin dress with strappy sandals, or try snakeskin sandals to add the perfect amount of print to any outfit of any color. Snakeskin has the ability to be mixed and matched, though Valley advises to do it cautiously. No matter what you’re sporting, you can complete any outfit with a mod snakeskin bag.


Zebra print can be dangerous because there is a fine line between the right amount and total overkill with this print. A pair of zebra slides paired with boyfriend jeans is the perfect look for those late summer and early fall nights. A zebra print belt paired with fringe jeans and this over-sized sweatshirt is a perfect understated and comfortable outfit. The zebra print will just peak out from under the sweatshirt for a wild addition to the look.

“I like to wear animal print with my accessories like shoes or bags to add a little flare to my outfits,” says Penn State junior Kate Diveny.

This fall, keep an eye out for this spunky animal print trend on campus (Does Nittany Lion print count?). Valley is hoping Happy Valley gets a little wilder this year.