Styling Tips For Every Body Type

Picture by Valley Street Style

Whether you’re going shopping to revamp your closet or doing a little spring cleaning to freshen up your wardrobe, it’s important to know what sort of garments will call attention to your best features. Scroll down to find out which pieces you should definitely keep in your ensemble or add to your shopping list!

If you’re petite…

1. Tuck In Your Shirt

Avoid looking like you’re drowning in fabric by opting for shirts with shorter hemlines. Oversized blouses and longer hemmed shirts can fall below the waist, taking away length from your legs. To combat this, tuck your shirt into your pants, skirt, etc. for a more proportional look.

2. Cropped Denim

When making your next denim purchase, search for a cropped fit. The hem should hit directly or slightly above the ankle. Cropped jeans prevent that bunching effect you can get from other styles of denim.

3. Monochrome

Wearing shoes that are the same color as your pants or jeans creates an illusion of elongated legs because there isn’t a break of color, giving a seamless silhouette.

4. Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are the most ideal for petite frames. Stay away from skirts that fall directly at your knee. That fit cuts your leg in half, taking away from the already shorter leg length. Mini skirts, with their shorter hemlines, allow more of your leg to show, making them appear longer.


If you’re tall…

1. Skinny Jeans

Play up the length of your legs with the help of skinny jeans. The minimalist look gives a streamline look, especially paired with a strappy heel.

2. Over The Knee Boots

Because you’re naturally gifted with longer legs, over the knee boots should be a staple in your closet! Because you have a little extra length to work with, the endpoint of the boot shaft won’t overpower your lower half, (as opposed to petite-sized girls where the boot shaft covers almost their entire leg).

3. Waist Length Jacket

Create a distinction between your torso and lower body with a jacket that hits at the waist. This will break up the look, defining your mid-section and adding dimension to your figure.

4. Low Necklines

To create the appearance of an upper body that’s proportional to your lower body, wear tops or dresses that have lower necklines. They’ll draw attention to your top half and showing a little extra skin will give your torso a lengthened effect.


If you’re curvy…

1. A-Line Dresses

 A-line dresses look amazing on curvier girls. This fit highlights all of the right places. The fitted top half of the garment shows off the narrower waist. As the dress continues, it flares outward slightly, creating a slimming affect for your legs.

2. High-Waisted Denim

This is a universally flattering fit of denim. The high waist plays up the smallest part of the body and gifts your bottom a little lift, making it look more toned.

3. Halter Crop Top

The shape of the halter crop top draws attention to the smaller upper half and tapers down at the waist, amplifying your hourglass figure.

4. Belt It

Anything that helps define your waist is a definite fashion do. Belts and strategically placed ruching gather in material at your midsection, creating greater definition between your upper and lower halves.

These are just a few of the numerous styling tricks that can help accentuate the various body types. But ultimately, wear what makes you happy and feel confident, regardless of whether or not that certain style is supposed to “work” for your figure.