Staff Pick of the Week: Loving Tan

With spring and summer right around the corner, Valley girls are wanting to bring back their bronzed bodies. The sun and natural rays haven’t been very plentiful recently in Happy Valley so many girls are turning to places like California Tanning Express or The Bronze Tanning Company to get their color through UV beds. While this method is quick and typically lasts awhile, it is incredibly damaging and drying to your skin. With skin cancer on the rise, you might want to think about tanning lotions instead of hitting the beds.

This week’s Pick of the Week is a sunless tanning lotion by the brand Loving Tan. Specifically, the Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse Dark. Coming in at $34.95 this mousse is certainly more expensive than one such as Jergens that you could find at the convenience store. However, Valley feels this tanner is a better experience than a drugstore tanner.

The loving tan mousse requires you to apply it with a mitt, which Valley found was actually nice to have. It takes out the entire process of having to make sure you’re washing the excess tanner away from your palms every couple minutes. Additionally, the mitt allowed for a quick and circular application avoiding any streakiness from applying with your hands.

The mousse itself was a daunting dark brown color at first. But even this proved to be an added perk. The tanner has an instant tanning effect so that you can see exactly where you have put the lotion and there is no guessing as to whether it was even or not. Plus, have an event to go to the same day? This instant tanning effect will leave you looking like a bronzed beauty in minutes.

Perhaps Valley’s favorite feature of the Loving Tan mousse is the lack of smell. We’ve all tried those tanners that smell flowery and pleasant in the bottle and then an hour later our arms smell like a weird musty odor of flowers and skin. Not cute. The Loving Tan has little to no scent. We’re not sure how that is possible, but we’re not asking questions.

Overall, as far as sunless tanners go, we’re giving this one a thumbs up — and keeping an eye out for coupon codes!!