Stay On Top of Your Stress This Semester

At the start of every semester, it is easy to tell yourself that this time it will be different. This time you wont save all your work until the last minute. You’ll go to bed at a reasonable time every weeknight. You’ll take the time to “treat yo self,” whatever that might mean to you.

But, by the time the first set of tests roll in and projects deadlines pile up, all of these promises you made to yourself get pushed aside.

So, Valley came up with simple ways to channel your inner Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation to keep “treating yo self” throughout this semester.

Actually have a Treat Yo Self Day

I know what your thinking, having as extravagant of a day as Donna and Tom do on Parks and Recreation is unlikely since college kids tend to be, well, broke. But, we can definitely save up for little splurges here and there. Every month, set aside all of the $1 bills or $5 bills you get in a jar or piggy bank. Then on a designated day every month, see how much you saved up and use it to pamper only you, however it will best make you happy. You deserve it and you’ll look forward to it every month!

Try relaxation yoga

Yoga can be intimidating or make you feel awkward if you aren’t used to it, but try out a beginner-level class and focus on purely relaxing your body and mind. Relaxation yoga helps to unlock all the areas you are carrying stress and its main goal is to help you unwind.

“It’s my favorite part of the week because I have so much going on in all of other aspects of my life. I don’t think about all of my other stress during that time.” says Kaitlyn White, a junior psychology major.

Take up a different class or club

If you really aren’t into yoga or fitness, try out a community art class or join a club that is purely a hobby or interest of yours. If you like to knit, start/join a knitting club. If you are a coffee-fanatic, join the coffee club! Take just an hour or two out of your week to focus on something that you love to do. It will give you something to get excited for every week.

Have an at-home spa day

If you have a bit of time that you don’t HAVE to be doing anything, take the time to make yourself feel nice. Take an extra long shower and maybe even shave your legs. Buy a cheap face mask from Target and make your skin a little extra glow-y. Give yourself a blowout and feel fabulous for the day. Paint your toes and your nails, or do your eyebrows. Take time to pamper yourself!

Take the time to ‘treat yo self,’ whatever that means to you in those little bits of time you find in the day. This will help you to stay relaxed even when your life is one hectic blur.


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