Staff Pick of the Week: theSkimm

Simply put, theSkimm is a daily email summarizing current events, pop culture, and politics that is sent directly to your mailbox every weekday morning. It is a cohesive, understandable, creative relay of some of the world’s most important information, along with a few other tidbits that, while not as important, are equally entertaining.

Why You Should Join

College is a busy, often chaotic, time when you have so many varying responsibilities and interests. Homework, projects, exams, hobbies, jobs, and the social lives that we lead take up most, if not all of our time. Of course, we college students find time to binge watch Netflix and enjoy ourselves plenty, but, speaking from experience, I think we often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Their Slogan: “We Read, You Skimm”

With days and classes flying by, being informed is rarely at the top of a list of priorities for a college student. With theSkimm, however, it becomes the first thing we check off our to do list each morning. Delivered around 6am EST, theSkimm provides you with reliable information right to your inbox. Founded in 2012 by two best friends living and working in NYC, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin have changed the way 4 million people, mostly women, view their news. This can be attributed to the editors’ witty writing style, clever plays on words, and relatable pop culture references, making it a true pleasure to read the news .

 I have been an active Skimmer for over two years, and it has made me more informed and interested in the news, specifically politics. I still love it as much as when I opened that first email. I bet you will too!

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