Staff Pick of the Week: Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh

Ever have the feeling that you would love to wear lipstick, but your lips are too chapped? With loud, bold lips dominating all of the makeup trends, it can be hard to find a lip stick that looks good and feels good.

Putting lipstick on chapped, dried out lips can often make the color look dried out and flakey. For that reason, many people choose not to use lipsticks during the winter months.

Sugar tinted lip treatment by Fresh is the answer to all of your dried out, dreary, colorless problems with lip stick in the winter! Using natural ingredients such as raw sugar and moisturizing oils, this lip balm is the perfect choice for nourishing your lips during the winter. Not only that, but Sugar has SPF in it as well, so not only will the treatment be good for your skin, it also protects your lips from the sun.

Similar to a tinted lip balm, Sugar’s lip treatment is incredibly moisturizing for your lips, while also giving them a nice pop of color. There are up to 12 different tints, ranging from the most subtle nude tints to more bold, colorful ones like ruby red. Described as offering “a sheer coverage and buildable color,” the lip tint is perfect for adding a some color without overpowering your look.

One of the most popular shades, Rosé, gives the perfect pop of color while still being light enough for everyday use.

To purchase your own sugar tinted lip treatment, you can visit the the Fresh website here and choose from the many color options!