Staff Pick of the Week: Glossier’s Stretch Concealer

The pendulum of beauty is swinging away from the heavy contouring trend and toward the celebration of the “no-makeup makeup” fresh faced look. More and more beauty brands are revising their collection campaigns to include words like “glow,” “dewy,” and “natural” to give the impression that by using said products, we will give off that lit from within aura.

Speaking candidly, I am overjoyed that more brands are on-board with this beauty theory. When I first started wearing makeup, my mother always said it should enhance my features, not change or cover them up. She said I was beautiful and should embrace everything about my face. Growing up and repeatedly hearing this mantra, I have always structured my beauty routine around products that let my face, my personality, show through. There are many, many beauty products ready for purchase that promise a “natural” effect, and through the menagerie that is the makeup industry, I’ve managed to discover the perfect concealer; Glossier’s Stretch Concealer ($18.00).

Let me first start off with the packaging: ADORABLE AND FUN. When my package arrived with my purchase, I opened the box and expected to see the typical bubble-wrapped item coupled with my receipt. I was completely, but pleasantly, caught off guard when I opened the box to see a pink, reusable, bubble-wrap lined makeup bag — with the concealer inside — a packet of Glossier and various other decal stickers, plus a sample of their new moisturizing primer.

The detail in the packaging as well as the company’s motto (Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.) printed onto the box did, in fact, bring a smile to my face. Even if you aren’t someone that gets  swept up with packaging and clever naming of products, you must give some credit and respect to a company that takes the time to put such a production together for each customer.

Now let’s get down to performance. As a caveat to this review, I just want to point out that I tend to have a drier complexion, so I cannot speak for those who may have combination or more oily skin. I’ve used the Stretch concealer for about a week and I have been consistently happy with the results. The product comes in a little jar, so you can easily get the product out via a brush or your fingers. I personally applied this concealer and blended it out with my fingers and found that this method works the best. The consistency is light and creamy and easily blendable. The concealer practically melts right into your skin and covers up blemishes and redness. It offers sheer coverage, but it is buildable. The finish is dewy and glowy, so on days where you’re in a rush or don’t feel like putting on a full face, Stretch concealer will give you a fresh glow that looks like actual skin.

If you’re someone on the hunt for more subtle makeup products, this concealer, and overall brand, is for you. Glossier has full makeup and skin care lines, all available to purchase here. Because of their approach to beauty, packaging, and results of this product, I will definitely be making more Glossier purchases in the future.