Staff Pick of the Week: OPI’s “Dulce de Leche”

Spring is finally here so stop using your go-to winter nail polish color and try something more lively. For some, nudes are a perfect spring color because it’s not too vibrant and it matches with every outfit. We’ve got the perfect nude nail polish that is anything but plain.

OPI’s “Dulce de Leche” is our secret weapon this spring as it is the perfect combo of nude and pink. It’s a pink that doesn’t scream ‘Barbie’ pink and it is mixed with a nude color that will allow your nails to match with any outfit this spring.

Yes, nudes are a perfect go-to color because they match with anything and everything in your closet, but they are also great for girls who don’t have the longest nails. The neutrality in the color makes it less noticeable that your nails are short in case you want to grow them out while still managing to look effortlessly cute.

“Dulce de Leche” is not only a cute color, but the application is super smooth and easy for those of us who have a hard time painting their less dominant hand. Two coats of the polish is all it takes to get the perfect mani. Don’t forget about the top coat and you are good to go!

Pro tip: If you are painting them the night before an occasion, don’t worry about making them look perfect. Let them dry the night before and if there is extra nail polish around your nail, run your nails under the sink the next morning and the water will help make peeling off the extra polish much easier.