Spring Dresses: Website Lifesavers

KUokuoCheng.DressWebsites.2 (2)While the spring semester may be one of the most hectic times of the year, it is also undeniably the most exciting. Packed with exams, formals and other events stressing over finding the perfect dress should be the last of our worries. And with our jam-packed schedules planning a shopping trip can seem nearly impossible. However, we have good news ladies.

We were luckily born in the age of computers and have access to millions of online shopping sites. While searching through the all these websites can be tiring and seem impossible, if you know a few good go-to sites, looking for the perfect spring dress can become an easy and enjoyable process! Below are a few great places that will serve as your spring dress lifesavers!


With new things in almost daily this website has tons of options and a great variety thatwill fill any event need.  Bonus! New customers get 50% off of their first order!


This website is for the true fashionista! Keeping up on the most current trends, you’ll find everything you could possibly dream of.  Plus the combination of current and vintage clothing is something different you don’t find in most places.


One of the best things about this site is that they have so much variety! They have dresses for every age, fashion taste and price range!


While this website may come off as targeted to a younger age group at first site, don’t be fooled!  This up-and-coming site has tons of cute and affordable selections!

So take a deep breathe and relax. Don’t dread the upcoming formal or date night because you have nothing to wear. Instead, browse through some of these sites during your 8 a.m. lecture and picking out your perfect spring dress will be a piece of cake.

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