Spring Cleaning: College Edition

BrittanyTrappe.SpringCleaningWith limited space and equally limited storage, it can be tricky to keep your dorm room looking organized. If you feel like you’ve let your room go this semester, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning.

 Start with your desk.

If you’re not using it for studying, the dorm room desk tends to fill up with study guides, class notes and papers. Try a desk organizer with different colored folders for each course. Make use of your bulletin board by hanging up any current class materials, and file away the rest.

If it can be hung up, it needs a hook.

Another common problem in the unorganized dorm room is purses and jackets that pile up on the back of your desk chair, or even worse, on the floor. Check out options for hooks to resolve this problem instantly. Larger hooks that go over your closet door work for your coat and scarf, and smaller options are perfect for hanging up purses.

Contain with containers.

The secret to a well-organized room is keeping everything contained. All of the items in the room should have a home. If things start to look a little messy, you’ll know exactly where to put things away. Invest in a few colorful baskets or bins. Not only will these add color and interest to your room, they’re ideal for storing odds and ends. Jewelry, accessories and books will easily find a place in one of these boxes.

Store your shoes.

Find a storage item with more than one purpose. Still finding your room cluttered with little things that don’t seem to have a home? Try an over-the-door shoe rack. Use some of the pockets to store these uncontained items – everything from school supplies to toiletries and snacks will fit perfectly into this dorm room savior. Plus, your shoes will be completely accessible! There’s another quick tip – keep your shoes off the floor. If they can’t all fit in the rack, try a milk crate under your bed. Sneakers, flip-flops and flats store super easily here.

Photo by Brittany Trappe

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