Sorority Rush Week: What to Wear

Oberdorf.SororityRecruitment2Already registered for recruitment? Great! You’ve already taken one step toward an amazing college experience. Formal recruitment will allow you to find the chapter for you, but so many girls will let stress get in the way of the fun and excitement of the process! Valley can help ease your nerves – check out our guide to dressing for recruitment.

Open Houses

For the first three days of recruitment, you’ll wear the official t-shirt provided to you by Panhellenic. During these parties, feel free to speak to your own style and comfort level with accessories and your bottoms, but keep in mind that with so many girls, the sorority suites can get pretty hot. You may want to stick to shorts to ensure you’re feeling comfortable and confident during your first days of rush. 

First Rounds

This round is a great opportunity to let your personal style shine through your outfit. During these parties, you’ll wear a casual daytime outfit. Cute shorts or jeans with a fun, day-appropriate top work well here, as do flat sandals. Remember, outfits should be presentable and appropriate, and of course, comfortable. You’ll feel worry-free knowing you don’t need to adjust your top or your shoes.

Second Rounds

Each round of recruitment is slightly dressier than the last. This time, choose a sundress or skirt for the occasion. Light, flowy dresses work well for this round, as does a skirt paired with a cute top. Many girls may choose to wear wedges or espadrilles during this round, but flats and sandals work well too. Before leaving your room, make sure to check out the length of your dress. You may be sitting, standing or both during different parties, and you’ll want to be sure your dress is long enough to be appropriate while sitting down and getting up.

Preference Night

Pref. Night is the most formal night of recruitment. This night will feel like a semi-formal event, complete with beautiful decorations in each of the sorority suites. On this night, you’ll wear a cocktail dress and heels. When selecting your dress, remember not to pick anything too tight or revealing. As far as your heels, make sure you can walk comfortably. Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite jewelry.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf

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