Splash Into Spring with Colored Jeans

DuncanLauren.ColoredJeans3With so many trends hitting the runways of fashion week for this spring, it can be hard to choose which ones we’re going to try first. While denim will always be in style, colored denim gives you the option to try out this spring’s hottest trends in the most colorful ways.

Colored denim opens up many different doors when it comes to putting outfits together. It truly gives you endless options to mix and match your wardrobe.

For spring, try mixing bold colored denim jeans in red, cobalt blue or Kelly green with a bright floral print. While florals were sported on the runways from head to toe, try starting out with a small dose such as a floral print top or flats. 

Pastels are also back this spring, and head-to-toe pastels can be a subtle and feminine look when done tastefully. This look can be more easily achieved than trying to mix bold prints. Try a light pastel-colored jean in yellow or powder blue with a pastel complimentary colored top. If you’re feeling extra daring, you could try a solid pastel jean and top all in the same color (even your shoes, too). This look isn’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who likes to push the fashion envelope, go ahead and give this look a try.

Crop tops are also a huge sensation once again, which can be a great option to pair with any type of colored denim jeans, light or dark. As we’ve seen girls in past seasons bare it all with their crop tops, this spring it’s all about leaving things to the imagination by showing a sliver of the mid section and covering up the rest.

Colored jeans are a trend that everyone can rock. It gives you the option to go extra bold or stay more refined with your style. Either way, it offers something for every fashionista out there.

Photo by Lauren Duncan


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