Smooth Transitions: A Guide to Your Perfect Spring Wardrobe

SabineC.SmoothTransitionSpringThe only thing worse than the bipolar weather we’ve been having lately is deciding what to wear when facing the unpredictable elements. At the first sign of warm weather we can’t help but reach for our favorite pair of shorts or our laciest sundress, only to get about halfway to class before we regret not wearing jeans.

Surviving spring is all about avoiding extremes – no, you don’t need a parka, but a bikini might be overkill – and meeting your wardrobe somewhere in the middle. By trying some of these spring staples on for size, you can master whatever the season throws at you:


As much as we all love our oversized chunky sweaters, spring gives us a much needed vacation from the bulk that comes with them. With a loose-knit sweater you can have the best of both worlds, keeping the slouchy silhouette you love while also giving you a little space to breathe.

Slipping into some chiffon is another way to keep your layers light and your style fresh. Go backless or with buttons, patterned or printed – a flowy chiffon shirt will give your wardrobe that springy feel without sacrificing comfort.

Top your outfit off with a jean jacket–a must have in any closet–if you’re feeling a little on the chilly side. This chic denim wonder keeps you warm without making it look like you tried too hard and is perfect for spicing up a boring outfit.


Jeans are the bottom line for any outfit, especially come spring. Lighten up your denim with an acid rinse (for the risk takers), a bright color or pattern (for the girls who just wanna have fun), or a white wash (for the classy ladies). Cuff ‘em and show a lil’ ankle for a warm weather look.

A not-so-new-but-why-the-heck-not trend that we can’t get enough of is maxi skirts for our spring wardrobes. They won’t leave you with goose-bumps like your minis and come with the added bonus of that irresistible boho vibe that just screams spring. Try a sheer style for a trendier look or go long and simple with an opaque option.


Last but certainly not least, your spring accessories are what can take your look from winter-day-blah to oh-la-la! See what we did there?

Something fun to try this spring is picking one bright accessory to top off a simple look like jeans and a tee. Go with an airy floral patterned scarf or a tropical-punch-colored statement necklace to bring the warm weather karma your way.

Putting a little spring in your step to ring in the season is the best excuse to make a little room in your shoe budget this month. A classic canvas shoe (Ked’s, Toms, and Vans, oh my!) in a variety of fresh colors can make walking to class just a little more fun, while a pastel pair of tasseled loafers with cuffed jeans will make you a best-dressed contender.

Ankle booties are perfect for every season, but the new styles with cut-outs and laser-cut detailing add a fun twist to these wardrobe must-haves.

Don’t make the mistake of busting out your summer style just yet – instead, take the transition slow with these fun style refreshers and you won’t even notice that pile of snow on the corner that just never seems to melt…

Photo by Sabine Clermont

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