Spice Up Your Secret Santa

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If you’re tired of doing the same old holiday gift exchange each year, VALLEY has the perfect solution for you. We’ve come up with some exciting new ideas for you to spice up your Secret Santa party.   

Whether you’re hosting a Secret Santa with designated gift-givers and receivers, or a White Elephant where anyone can receive any gift, these exchange ideas can fit into any holiday party.

Fragrances For All
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Everyone loves a good perfume or cologne, but it isn’t always something we think to buy for ourselves. This fragrance exchange ensures that everyone at the party leaves with a new scent and a smile.

Theme Night Baskets
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Think about all the things you need to enjoy a good movie night, spa night or date night. For this exchange, each participant would pick a themed night similar to the ones listed above and create a gift basket that includes items that can be used on those nights. A movie night basket could include popcorn and candy, a spa night basket could include face masks and candles —the list of possibilities goes on and on.

Booze & a Book
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If all of your crew is a part of the 21-and-over club, this might be the perfect idea for you. What could be better than gifting your favorite novel and alcoholic beverage to a friend this holiday season? Think about how perfect a romance novel pairs with a bottle of wine, or how a mystery novel pairs with a bottle of whiskey – the combinations are endless.

Something Borrowed

We’re all college kids, we get it. Money can be pretty tight towards the end of the semester, so if you’re strapped for cash and need an idea for a gift exchange, look no further. This idea involves each participant finding something they no longer use sitting around in their house that they think a friend would enjoy having. This way, you’re giving a thoughtful gift without spending a dime.

Gift Card Exchange

For the group that forgot to plan ahead, you should consider this quick and easy exchange idea. What could be easier than buying a gift card? Simply set a gift card balance amount for all participants to follow and no one will end up fighting over who spent more.

It goes without saying that the holidays are not about gifts or parties. Simply sharing precious moments with our loved ones and taking time to show how much we care about them is the most important thing about this special time of the season.

Fun gift exchanges are definitely the second most important, though.


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