Spend a Little, Live a Little

It’s the end of the year. Sorry to burst your bubble. But in the next few weeks, just live a little – even if you have to spend a little.

Before crunch time rolls around and you succumb to terribly unhealthy habits of caffeine overdoses and all-nighters, swoop up some friends and be active.

These activities may make you dig into your piggy bank a bit, but it’ll be worth the memories! And the vanishing calories.

Kayak or Canoe: Boating is the perfect combination of relaxation and exercise. Paddling takes strength, but floating along the water to take a break or just rolling with the current is calming. With river destinations as close as 1.2 miles away, Tussey Mountain Outfitters in Bellefonte will rent you boats and send you on your way!

Rock Climb: No, I’m not telling you to put on a harness and helmet and scale a mountain. Though if you’re really adventurous, kudos – go for it. But I’m talking about indoor rock climbing at the YMCA. Sounds a little safer.

Laser Tag: I bet you weren’t expecting this one to nuzzle its way into Active Campus. But it did. What’s more fun than getting all geared up to shoot and dodge lasers? Run around at What a Blast, conveniently located downtown at 111 Sowers Street!

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick.

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