Active campus: Be social and fit with tennis

Tennis: the perfect pick-up, a workout on a whim. It’s one of those sports that you’ll just play … forever. So if you don’t play, start now. And if you do, it’s that time of year!

And, yup, there are plenty of courts around campus to play on. For some reason, they’re all in the same area (next to the IM Building and McCoy Natatorium), but that’s not the point.
The point is to be social, be active, play tennis.
You can play doubles or singles. You can casually hit or fiercely compete. You can be on a team, in a league or just meet up with friends every once in a while.
Of course, for the sake of Active Campus, it’s a great exercise — but it probably won’t exhaust you. Sporadic sprints get your heart pumping, while backhand, forehand and overhand hits get different arm muscles working.
You don’t have to be an all-star athlete to enjoy the sport. It’s easy for better players to go lightly on you, as long as they’re patient, and you’ll improve with time.
Tennis is a game that everyone should learn the basics of because you’ll really play forever. Think about all those moms that play together or families playing on vacation.
Some extra appeal? You can even deck out in cute outfits — it’s not socially acceptable to wear a skirt in many other sports!
If you don’t have a racket, buy or borrow, because when the sun’s shining in
State College, the courts are calling.

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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