Social Media Can Ruin Your Life With One Tweet

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On October 19th, nude videos and pictures of the University Of Wisconsin Women’s Volleyball team were leaked on numerous social media platforms. Hundreds of people saw and reposted the content causing chaos among the team and students. What exactly happened and how did everything get leaked? Keep reading to find out.

What Happened?

In December 2021, the girls of the division one team were excited that they had won the Wisconsin Big Ten title victory. As they stormed the locker room cheering and celebrating, some decided to take pictures of each other. Little did they know that those pictures would change their lives and give the team a reputation they never wanted.

Because these photos were leaked without any of the player’s consent, especially because they were explicit, the girls decided to take the situation to the UW-Madison Police Department. These photos could lead to multiple offenses as the team did not give permission for them to be posted.

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Who Leaked The Photos?

According to a recent report, the photos were leaked from a player’s phone. When it comes to if the player leaked them themselves, that is still unknown. The university had previously made a statement that the pictures were never meant to be leaked and that they would investigate immediately. It is said that the investigation is still ongoing and the police will continue to find out any information that they can.

What Does This Teach Us About Social Media?

In the end, this teaches us that nothing is safe on social media. It is so important to be aware of what you put on platforms and to make sure that you only post what you would not be afraid to talk about with family or friends. Anyone can see anything that is posted and nothing is safe. Not only that, but future employers can also access your accounts very easily.

Once something is posted on the internet, it is never really taken down. Even if it is deleted, it is never really completely gone from the web space which is the most unsettling part. Even though these pictures of the girls can be taken down and can be temporarily removed, there is a chance of them resurfacing and also staying with the girl’s reputations for a long time. Being mindful of what one post can do to your future and your reputation as a person is so important, especially before you get a job.

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