Smart Style: Raquel Loves to Fall into Fashion

Name: Raquel Brizzi
Year: Senior
Major: Media Studies
Age: 22
Hometown: East Rutherford, NJ

What She’s Wearing: boots, Madden Girl; skirt, Billabong; shirt, Victoria’s Secret; scarf, Target; coat, old purchase; bag; Sabina.

Items that can pop: “I like comfort but I just like to have some quirky pieces,
something that stands out a little bit and then the rest pretty plain and casual. I also like scarves, accessories and boots. Boots are the best part of fall… the best part of the year.”

World Wide Web of Fashion: I’m obsessed with Tumblr; I’m on Tumblr all the time so a lot of fashion that I see is based on that and what’s on the Internet. I really like Free People so sometimes I’ll read their fashion blog for stuff on them.”

Fashion Hunting Tips: “Look around at all different kinds of stores because you will find pieces that are so different and so interesting and find a way to work them out into your outfit just by looking at racks, discounts, stuff like that. It works.”

‘Tis the Season: “I like fall fashion in general. I like layers, I like that you have the opportunity to wear a skirt if you want to wear a skirt or you can be in pants. You can have a jacket, you’ve got just so many options in the fall season.”



Photos by Shreel Parikh

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