Goodwill Hunting: Put Some Thrift In Your Gift

We’re college students– and money doesn’t grow on trees. This used to mean cutting down on your clothing purchases, but no more! There are tons of fun, stylish and cheap treasures waiting to be found at thrift stores. Each week, Daphne Weidner will take you on a thrifty journey to prove that being tight on money does not mean sacrificing style. Let’s get thrifty.

How many people are on your list this year? If it’s more than five, listen up. Searching for the perfect gift for each one of my friends and family is one of my favorite holiday activities. Everyone is different, of course, so I always try to pick out a gift that suits each of his or her personalities and tastes. I don’t like to give boring and expected gifts. I want to make it apparent that I’ve put thought and effort into their present; it is the gifting season after all!

Where do I start my hunt for cool Christmas presents? Thrift stores, of course! Don’t worry. I’m not going to lecture you on how you should buy all of your presents at Goodwill. Let’s be honest, there’s no way you could find something for everyone at a secondhand store. I could be wrong, but I just have this feeling that your dad won’t be ecstatic when he unwraps a small cat figurine from the apartment section of Goodwill.

All I’m suggesting is to start your gift search at a thrift shop for some inspiration. Gift baskets make a fantastic present. Who doesn’t love receiving a bunch of their favorite things (candy, food, winter accessories, whatever!) all perfectly packaged in a basket. Goodwill has an entire wall of baskets for cheaper than you could find anywhere else. Some even have pretty ribbon already wrapped around them, but you could always add your personal touch by putting some tinsel or fake grass inside along with the gifts.

You can also find a whole aisle dedicated to coffee mugs and glasses. Pick one up for the coffee-lover on your list and pair it with a few bags of coffee for a cute themed gift. It would probably be a good idea to wash it before giving it, but it can be our little secret that you bought part of your gift from a thrift shop.

Photo by Fuli Wang

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