#Rosé All Day

Photo by Soleil Nagoda

If you were plugged in to any social media platform during summer 2017 you know that there was one drink of choice that trumped all others: Rosé. The ambiguous wine (is it red or white?) has blown up in popularity over recent years. So, why is it that rosé has become so popular in the past few years? Is it because “rosé” rhymes with practically everything? Is it because girls want an excuse to wear light pink again? Valley has the answers to all your rosé ponderings.

First thing’s first, is the wine red or white? Rosé contains some color from the grape skins, but not enough to be considered a red wine. So it’s not red and it’s not white. It’s pink, and that’s good enough for us.

Valley’s next question: is the pink drink dry or sweet? Apparently, it’s not that straight forward. Interestingly enough, rosé that comes from Europe tends to be less dry than rosé from anywhere else.

The hashtag “Rosé All Day” really sent the drink into overdrive. The Instagram account @yeswayrosé has 45.1k followers, really showing the popularity of the drink. The account sells products such as shirts, beach towels, tote bags, candles, and more. All products proudly boast the mantra “YES WAY ROSÉ.”

Frosé (frozen rose) exploded as the new hit drink during summer 2016. The drink is pretty much rosé in slushy form, making it the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

So why is this wine so popular? Besides the fact that rosé adds a nice aesthetic to any Instagram post, there are a few explanations.

One reason is that the drink is extremely versatile. You can drink rosé with simply some ice, or use it to make some trendy mixed drinks. You can (and should) try frosé, rosé sangria, rosé with seltzer- the list is endless.

Another reason could be that rosé doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Rosé doesn’t get better with age, so it’s relatively easy and cheap to produce. There are plenty of great options in the $10 to $15 range. That might seem like a lot a few weeks into the semester after you just bought your textbooks, but sometimes you have to #treatyourself.