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If internship hunting was not stressful enough, finding housing for an internship that relocates you is certainly anxiety-inducing. Leaving home for the summer and finding a place to live on your own is a right of passage, but temporary housing for a two to three-month span is very difficult and, in many cases, very expensive.

The experience of living and working in the real world is important, however, so relocating yourself should not interfere with your ambitions. There are plenty of resources available to students who need a temporary home while gaining amazing work experience.

During your frantic search for a place to stay, try some of these options and see if there is a situation that is right for you.

Heading to Washington D.C.?

The Capital is known for being a little pricey, so it is safe to assume that many of the available short-term options are not suitable for everyone.

If you’re heading to D.C. without guaranteed housing, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wants to help. On their site, they have organized all the resources for finding appropriate housing based on different sources such as classified, university housing, intern-specific sites and other helpful sites.

For women, there is another great option through Thompson-Markward Hall. This housing opportunity for women was established in 1887 to accommodate women coming to the city for work or study. They continue with this mission today and the link to their site and application can be found through the CBPP.

Staying in New York City?

New York University offers housing for non-students coming to the city for the summer. If you feel more comfortable living in a college setting, this may be the best choice for you. Another university option is the Fashion Institute of Technology in mid-town Manhattan and Columbia University.

Educational Housing Services, although not affiliated with a university, has been housing students in NYC for 25 years. Students live in one of their community options, and according to the reviews, occupants have been thrilled with the accommodations from security to scheduled events to connect with other residents. features a similar living option to EHS, an upscaled dorm-styled living option in the tallest residence hall in the world. Right by Pace University, 33 Beekman offers students single, double, triple and quad living options, on top of numerous amenities.

Escaping for some L.A. sun?

Just like New York and Washington D.C., university housing options are available in and around Los Angeles. The University of Los Angeles-California has housing options at both on-campus dorms and off-campus university apartments. Loyola Marymount also has non-student housing options.

Uloop is another great site to scout out sublets. By entering the college closets to your internship location, you can find spaces being sublet for the summer by other students at nearby universities.

Nestpick is another site future L.A. interns may want to check out. They compile listings from other websites that best fit your specific needs. It will narrow the options by price, date, location, amenities and other restrictions that you might require.

Not finding what you are looking for?

Whether these resources have not been successful or your heading to a city not listed above, there are more broad resources that can search through nearly any area you need.

Airbnb is a good place to start. Many only think of Airbnb when they are planning a trip, but for a short-term living situation, it can prove to be helpful, convenient and often times, affordable. is another short-term solution. People put up their space for a limited time and you could take advantage of this opportunity. may have something for you as well.

Lastly, do not be afraid to reach out to people you know in the city or area you are heading to. They may know of a situation or resource you can take advantage of, or they might know someone who could directly help you. Maybe your contact knows of a sublet and that can help get the ball rolling!

Wherever and however you find your place to stay, focus more on the opportunity ahead and think less about all the time and stress it took to get there!


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