Attention NYC Interns: The Pros and Cons of Different NYC Housing Options

It’s no secret that landing an internship in New York City is difficult. However, once you finally land that internship, finding a safe and convenient place to live in the city may be even more difficult.

Luckily for you, Valley has tried out a few different accommodations during our various NYC internships. From Facebook listings to university dorms, we’ve experienced it all and are here to share the ups and downs of multiple NYC housing options. So if you’ve landed an internship in the city — congrats! Read below to get our take on a few places to rest your head after a long day of interning.

NYU Summer Housing

Every summer, NYU runs a program for students who need a place to stay in the city. They have multiple locations in some of the best parts of the city and allow you to choose between  dorm style or apartment style living quarters.


There’s 24-hour security at the front desk. NYU ensures your safety with a campus police officer on duty at all times. This is definitely a pro that will ease your parents’ minds.
There are laundry rooms that work just like Penn State’s facilities. When you arrive at your chosen NYU building, you’ll receive a photo ID just like your PSU ID. You’ll add funds to this as you do with Lion Cash which can be used for laundry and access to other amenities.

You have access to the campus gyms. Many buildings have a small gym located in their basement, but even if yours doesn’t, NYU has a larger gym located on 14th Street. Complete with state of the art cardio machines and even a rock climbing wall, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your summer bod at NYU.

They have optional meal plans to choose from. If you choose to live in an NYU dorm, adding a meal plan is required. However, if you decide to choose an apartment, you have a kitchen which allows you the option of adding a meal plan or not.


NYU Summer Housing is known to fill up quickly. As non-NYU students, you’re not guaranteed housing so it’s best to turn in your application as soon as you land your internship.

Webster Apartments

The Webster Apartments are a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing for females with low-paying jobs or unpaid internships. The building is located just a short walk from Penn Station and provides guests with a single small bedroom including a dresser, desk, mirror and sink.


The closet is pretty decently sized. Combined with the dresser, you’ll have ample room to store your entire internship wardrobe.

Your rental fee includes up to two meals a day from the dining hall. If you choose to have lunch as one of your meals, they’ll even pack it for you to have ready the next morning!

The building has laundry rooms on every other floor. This is a huge benefit as lugging your laundry to a NYC laundromat is less than desirable after a long day of interning.

Cleaning services are provided throughout the week. Every day, housing staff comes into your room and makes your bed. Once a week, they’ll also change your towels and sheets. This is definitely a plus for the laziest of interns!

There’s 24-hour security at the front desk. Your parents will be happy to know someone is watching the door at all times.


The bathrooms are communal. If the thought of freshman year showers still haunt you, this might be a deal breaker. If it’s something you can overlook, make sure you bring your flip flops!

They only allow females to apply. Sorry guys! This non-profit is specifically exclusive for women.

The accommodations aren’t exactly fancy. The rooms are extremely small and minimally lit and decorated. If aesthetics are a major concern, you might want to cross Webster Apartments off your list.

NYC Gypsy Housing

Sometimes, employers don’t offer their internships until the very end of the semester when many living options are already filled to capacity. If you find yourself in this situation, you might want to look in a Facebook group called NYC Gypsy Housing. Here, many New Yorkers list their sublets for both and short and long-term rentals. It’s worth checking out if things are getting desperate.


There are always plenty of new listings posted everyday. While other programs might fill up to capacity, there is never a shortage of New Yorkers looking for temporary tenants.

Depending on the location, this might be your most affordable option. Many of the listings are for apartments and houses outside of Manhattan. Though your commute to the city might increase a bit, your bank account will certainly benefit.


These listings are posted by real people, so you have to be careful about who you trust. In all honesty, this is probably going to be your parents’ least favorite option. If you still decide to look into Gypsy Housing, just make sure you have a parent with you and really do your research to guarantee you’ll be safe.

Wherever you live this summer, make the most of it and have fun experiencing the many adventures New York City has to offer!